Condo / Apartment, for for Sale, Rent, Leasehold affordable prices reasonable prices in Chon Buri, Pattaya, Bangsaen

tourist attraction of Thailand that is famous all over the world is Pattaya City in Chonburi Province because it is near Bangkok It is convenient for transportation because it is connected to many main roads such as Sukhumvit Road, Khao Lam Road, and Motorway Route 7, which takes only about an hour and a half. And there are many tourist attractions, including the sea, such as Pattaya Beach, Jomtien Beach, amusement parks like a miniature city. Pattaya Ice City, Ramayana Water Park, Nong Nooch Tropical Garden and cultural attractions such as the Sanctuary of Truth. Floating market in four regions

Besides Pattaya Beach Neighborhoods like Bangsaen Beach There is an equally beautiful sea. Along with interesting attractions such as Khao Sam Muk, Laem Thaen, Khao Kheow Open Zoo, Nong Mon Market, Ang Sila Old Market, etc., Chonburi is a province where you can relax with friends, family, lovers or come for a walk. chill Alone to relax on vacation causing various housing projects Both condos and houses for sale and rent occur in many areas of Chonburi Province.

Chonburi Province is also a province with a large population of residents. due to people who come to work in the industrial sector which there are many such as Amata City Industrial Estate Industrial Estate WHA Chonburi Pinthong Industrial Estate For this reason, both condos and rental houses Including housing projects that are open for sale in Chonburi province are in high demand. Especially in Bang Lamung and Sattahip districts are equally famous and outstanding.

What kind of room should Pattaya condo choose?

Pattaya is another prime location in Chonburi province where many condos are happening. Because Pattaya is a tourist city with a constant influx of tourists throughout the year. There are also a variety of tourist attractions such as sandy beaches, beautiful seas, museums, gardens, temples and many more, making the condo an alternative choice for those who love Pattaya. Currently, there are a lot of sale or rent of Pattaya condos. By the characteristics of Pattaya condos, there are many styles to choose from as follows:

  • Studio-style condos are the first to be popular. because the price is not very high It is known as an open space condo or open space. There is no separation between the different rooms, including the bedroom, living room and kitchen area. by separating the bathroom and balcony Usually range in size from 20-30 square meters, suitable for living alone.
  • One-bedroom condos Most are approximately 30-50 square meters. The bedroom, living room and kitchen are separated. Both blocked by walls, glass or wooden slats, depending on the design of the project. thus dividing the area in an orderly fashion There is also another type of room called Condo 1 Bedroom Plus, which is a 1 bedroom condo that adds another multipurpose room. It can be used as a bedroom, office or whatever room you want. resulting in more usable space, but in the price range that is not as high as a 2 bedroom condo.
  • 2 bedroom condos will have a layout that is very similar to one bedroom. But it is different that the condo has 2 bedrooms. Most of them are about 50-80 square meters. It is a large condo that can accommodate 2-3 people, suitable for starting a small family. Very much, and this type of condo will also have a higher price range than the 2 types.
  • Duplex or Loft condos This type of condo is quite expensive. But it is another form that is very popular. Because it is a condo with a ceiling height of 4-5 meters, or some may be higher than this. which is higher than normal ceiling increase the space above Help create an airy and inviting atmosphere. feel more like living in a single family home There is also a mezzanine floor that can be used as an additional bedroom or living room.

Include post Rent or sell Pattaya condos. Chonburi ProvinceVarious types of condos, studios, 1 bedroom units, 1 bedroom plus or 2 bedrooms and many duplex rooms. which has a price that can be tangible and own at which can be selected according to preferences and sizes suitable for the number of residents. To get a condo that meets the lifestyle to be satisfied and ready to use and live comfortably as well. Has compiled the announcement, purchase and rent of land Whether it is vacant land, allocated land or land divided in With a whole new home New and second hand houses From housing estates Self-built houses and Condo / Apartment, projects Including the announcement of buying and selling of land Whether it is vacant land, allocated land or land divided in Chonburi, Pattaya, Bang Saen which has a variety to choose from At the cheapest price That everyone can own And if wanting to post, whether Sale, Rent, Long Lease, can sign up and post for free here