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Bang Rak is considered to be the largest economic in Bangkok, as there is Silom and Saladaeng which is one of the centers. Including many leading companies There are both BTS Saladaeng Station and Silom MRT Station, and is also close to leading schools such as St. Joseph Convent School, as well as leading hospitals such as Chulalongkorn Hospital and BNH Hospital It can be said that it is the perfect neighborhood to buy or rent a condo for residential purposes.

In addition, Bang Rak also has Si Phraya Road that connects to Hua Lamphong Temple. Surawong Road with many international restaurants. Originally a small road But is important from the past By being a road that connects to Silom Road Making it possible to travel comfortably at both Sala Daeng BTS station and Sam Yan MRT station, although Si Phraya , Surawongse does not have a direct train. However, it is a lovely residential area because it is close to department stores and many important tourist spots such as Patpong Road, Sam Yan Mitr Town Department Store. And there is also a convenient route to travel to Sam Yan.

High Rise VS Low Rise Silom condos, which one do you choose best fits your lifestyle?

Silom Condo is a condo located in one of the prime locations of Bangkok. It is a relatively large economic district. There are many leading companies. There are BTS and MRT trains that are ready to facilitate travel to use comfortably. It is also connected to Hua Lamphong, Samyan, Surawong and Patpong areas, which are important districts with shopping centers, restaurants, schools, temples, hospitals and many other facilities. Therefore, it is ideal for people who want to buy or rent a condo for living or long-term investment. The Silom condos or condos in other areas will have 2 main styles, namely High Rise and Low Rise styles, which are detailed as follows.

  • High Rise Condo are high-rise condos with floors 20 or more or heights greater than 23 meters and must be adjacent to a road width of 10. meters or more in order to comply with the law.
  • Low Rise Condo is not as high as the first type. Most of them have 8-9 floors according to the design, the total height of the building must not exceed 23 meters.

The difference between High Rise and Low Rise condominiums in Silom

By High Rise Silom Condos will have a very distinctive advantage that is located in a prime location either close to major shopping malls or next to a BTS station. which helps to facilitate better living Including this type of condo will have a complete common area and sufficient for the number of residents. It also has an advanced security system that doesn't have to worry about various dangers. But with many advantages, it results in high rise condos with very high prices. and may be less private than Low Rise in terms of having more units, so more people live there.

As for Low Rise Silom Condos will stand out with not very high prices. can actually be owned Including this type of condo, each has a small number of units. So not too many people Make it more privacy The disadvantage is the opposite of High Rise condos, which is that these types of condos are usually not connected to the main road. May have to go into the alley, different depths Including the common area may not be enough for users, such as a gym, swimming pool or parking lot, and also do not see a beautiful view from tall buildings because the surrounding area will only see buildings of similar height. This may make it not as clear as it should be.

Website has compiled Condos for sale and rent in Silom areaBoth High Rise and Low Rise styles. Which has different price ranges according to the form of the condo and other factors. Whether it's buy or rent, it's important to consider your needs and budget. In order to get a condo that fits your lifestyle and meets the needs of life without worrying or feeling uncomfortable later. has compiled Condo / Apartment for sale, rent , both new, new and used in Silom, Saladaeng, Bang Rak, Si Phraya and Surawong areas with a variety of options. From various condo projects At the cheapest price That anyone can own And if you want to post whether it is Sale, Rent, Long Lease , you can apply for a membership and post it for free here.