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p>The highlight of having a condominium for living in the present. is the convenience of traveling And it's not too expensive compared to buying a new house in the city, which is quite expensive. Therefore, condo living becomes a top choice. for the new generation And can respond to lifestyles in every aspect, suitable for young people of the new generation who rarely have time but want to have a better life. But before owning a condo, one should consider the advantages and disadvantages first. So there won't be a headache coming along.

What is a Pre-Sale condo? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Condo Pre-Sale is a condominium that is open for sale before the actual construction starts. The project developer will plan to build a condo and open a pre-sale round for those who are interested in buying a reservation. Then take the money from the sale of the reservation. Let's continue to invest in condo construction. during the sale Project developers will have room plans, building models and sample rooms to view. to make a decision Most of them usually need 1-2 years of construction before they can actually move in.

The advantages of the condo. Pre-Sale

  • Full discount promotion To attract buyers, for example, the price of the room is cheaper than when it was completed. Fees exemptions to room furniture giveaways
  • Choose a variety of locations and room layouts. Suitable for those who focus on feng shui directions, including room numbers. You can choose according to your needs.
  • Know the location and surrounding area of ​​the condo area. Including knowing the location of the condo that used to be anything before which can be used as part of decision making
  • Make a profit from the resale of the reservation to those who want a well positioned room with a beautiful view. especially Bangkok condos in a popular location and almost finished building because the room price will be higher causing more people to be interested in purchasing room reservations.

Condo's disadvantages Pre-Sale

  • There are several risks, such as the room deviating from the floor plan. The building was not completed within the specified time. or the project does not pass the EIA, should check the credibility of the developer of the project well.
  • Not suitable for those who want to move in immediately. Because you have to wait 1-2 years to actually live. If it is a non-standard project may have to wait longer because it was not completed in time

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