Find out condo, house , land ,rooms listing for Short term rental or Monthly rent in Bangkok Sukhumvit Sathorn or downtown zone and all over in Thailand. we have it all here easy to search, updated daily, reasonable price

condo, house , land ,rooms for rent , both short term, monthly, near BTS

If you are searching for condo, house , land ,rooms for short-term rent, monthly, 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 6 months, here's a list of short term condo rental listings. and condos for monthly renton many quality locations Both in Bangkok, near the train station, or in other provinces across the country, ready to be decorated, ready to move in. The price is right. The rental fee starts at 3,000 baht. Let's come to choose and find each other as you like.

Condo is a residential property that is gaining popularity these days. with a residential style that meets the lifestyle of the new generation who does not have much time as well as single families or small families that do not need much space including a convenient location especially the central location near the train line convenient for commuting to work They also have a good security system. And there are also a variety of prices to choose from that can be rented or reserved as the owner is not difficult.

condo, house , land ,rooms short term rent. for salary man Which one is better?

It has many advantages to rent an apartment. Especially in terms of cost that is quite economical. Because most of the apartments are not very expensive. There are also differences from condos or houses in projects that require monthly or yearly maintenance fees. In addition, renting an apartment does not require a large sum of money to start a down payment. and pay monthly installments for another ten years which greatly improves the liquidity of the financial condition There is also another advantage that many are able to enter into short-term leases. It depends on the requirements of the apartment. As a result, you can easily expand or relocate with no worries.

Choosing an apartment rental is the first thing to consider. is the distance from the apartment to the workplace Should choose to have a distance that is close to save travel time. Or if it's a bit farther away, you should consider other factors such as having a private car or having a convenient, quick way to travel, and the next important thing is to consider the surrounding facilities. if near the market supermarket various department stores It makes it easy to shop for things to eat. And being close to hospitals and police stations can add warmth and safety in case of danger or emergency.

For salaryman Renting a condo is an option that meets the needs of many people's lives. Both get a room with a space that provides privacy. and is often located in a good location near shopping malls or along the BTS line Make it easy to travel anywhere. It also has a variety of common facilities such as fitness center, swimming pool, etc., but that increases the rental price as well. Therefore, renting an apartment is another option for salarymen. Which is economical, worthwhile, suitable for people who want freedom in life.

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