For saleCondo / Apartment, Saphan Mai, Vibhavadi, Don Mueang, Songprapha, Laksi

Saphan Mai, Vibhavadi, Don Mueang, Songprapha, Laksi Located in Bangkok. It is another important district filled with office buildings, shops and many important places such as PTT Company, Thai Airways International and the Board of Investment. As for department stores, such as Central Ladprao, IT Square, Laksi, there are also hospitals. Vibhavadi Rangsit Hospital Veterans Hospital, Chulabhorn Hospital Educational institutions such as Horwang School University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce Kasetsart University St. John's University, etc. and Don Mueang Airport.

It can be seen that the location of Saphan Mai, Vibhavadi, as well as Don Mueang, Song Prapha and Lak Si districts have become a prime location that is easy to access and attracts investors in various fields. whether shopping restaurant center famous restaurants, movie theaters, tutoring institutes and many more Importantly, the Green Sky Train Project (Mo Chit Line - Saphan Mai - Khu Khot Line) and the Red Line suburban train project have also been developed. As a result, this area has been especially attracted by investors and office building business operators. and condominiums such as condominiums

Why Condo / Apartment,new bridge district is trending

  • Condo / Apartment,Don Mueang area The new bridge is growing in popularity steadily. Make it the eye of many small buyers and investors. Due to many interesting reasons such as a good location because the condo in this area is not located in the heart of Bangkok. What followed was that the price was lower. within a tangible amount Ordinary people can buy to live on their own. The investors are still interested. Because it can be purchased for renovating for people who want to rent it on a monthly basis or sell it.
  • Also Condo / Apartment,Saphan Mai or Don Mueang area It is also popular because of its ease of travel. If using a private car, there is enough parking. If using public transport, there are buses, vans and the Green Line train. Which can be connected to many other BTS lines, making it possible to travel to various districts throughout Bangkok. They can also travel to other provinces easily. because it is in a zone that is not far from the service source such as Mo Chit Bus Terminal and Victory Monument This is a public transport port that can travel to other provinces in many routes as well.
  • The Condo / Apartment, in Saphan Mai area, Don Mueang is also surrounded by many important places such as shopping centers, fresh markets, community malls, educational institutions, hospitals, which are important places in daily life. Make people living in this area get comfortable, not having to travel far to be able to live. Therefore, condos in this area have become a popular residential area. because it is a zone that gathers all the amenities easy to travel And meet all the needs of the residents there. has compiled listing For saleCondo / Apartment, new, first-hand and second-hand in Saphan Mai, Vibhavadi, Don Mueang, Songprapha and Laksi areas< /strong> which has a wide selection of items. from various condo projects at the lowest price that everyone can own And if you want to post an ad, whether it's a For sale, you can sign up and post for free here