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Bangna is another district of Bangkok where the area is generally a source of trade, service and industry. And the habitats of people are very crowded. But now Bangna is a new location that is rapidly developing because of the Green Line BTS that has an extension to BTS Bangna Lasalle-Bearing and Keep developing Until Samut Prakan Province As a result, the price of land in Bangna area has increased rapidly. And also have amenities Important places, whether it is an international school Ramkhamhaeng University 2 Hotel, hospital leading Department store Mega Bangna Central Bangna Community Mall, BITEC Restaurants, Bang Na, Suvarnabhumi Airport, etc.

Advantages of buying a detached house in Bangna for living

  • Located not too far from the city Single-family houses in Bangna zone are ideal for those who like or have to live in the city often, whether they come to work or travel. Because Bangna is not very far from the city. It is also easy to travel into the city as well.
  • Easy and fast travel covers both people who use public transportation and private cars. This is because single houses in Bangna zone are close to Bangna-Trad Road that connects to Sukhumvit Road. There are also the Green Line, the Yellow Line. and the Silver Line train that facilitates people who use public transport
  • Support for all lifestyles Single house in Bangna area is surrounded by many amenities. Both Mega Bangna, IKEA Bangna and Central Bangna that can meet all needs There is also BITEC Bangna. There are often many concerts and exhibitions.
  • Easy to travel to the Eastern region Suitable for those who love to travel as their souls. especially those who like the sea in the eastern part of Thailand With the location of a single detached house in Bangna zone located near the Burapha Withi Expressway. that help shorten travel time to Chonburi, Rayong, Chanthaburi and Trat Province down a lot

Buy the first house in Bangna. Should you choose a detached house or townhome?

For those who are looking for a detached house or townhome in Bangna area to use as a residence or first home. It must be said before that both types have different characteristics and suit different needs. by the main characteristics of the townhome is that there is not much area in front of the house make it easy to care for It doesn't cost too much, most have 2-3 floors and the walls of the house are attached to the houses next to it. Popular as a home office as well. The detached house is more private. There is also a living area around the area. It's more too The more Single House Bangna is in a large project. more space Suitable for large families with many members.

When buying a home for living, it is important to consider the needs of family members. But for those who want to buy HouseBangna for investment or speculation. should be considered from many factors. Since looking at the location that has the opportunity to grow continuously both from the transportation route like road development or extending the train route to be longer Including should decide from the location that is close to the facility. including department stores, markets, supermarkets or hospitals, etc., in order to increase the selling price for House.

In addition, Bangna district also has Sanphawut Road , a short road. A distance of approximately 2 kilometers, starting from Sukhumvit Road at Bang Na intersection. Santikham and finish at the Chao Phraya River near the Ordnance Pier. Which the area around Bangna is considered a treasure source that is worth investing in And nowadays, there are many construction of the train extension. And there are still many important public transportation projects, which has led to the area being monitored and prices have been steadily rising, whether it is Bangna-Trad Road (Thepparat Road) Burapha Withi Expressway Motorway Green Line Metro (Bearing - Samut Prakan) Yellow Line Electric Train (Ladprao - Samrong) Light blue line train (Bangna-Suvarnabhumi) and high-speed trains (Don Mueang - Suvarnabhumi - Utapao) has compiled House for For sale , both new, new and used in Bangna Sapphawut area, Lasalle, Bering Santikham, Ramkhamhaeng University, 2 Mega Bangna which has a wide selection. From various condo projects At the cheapest price That anyone can own And if you want to post, whether it is For sale , you can apply for a membership and post it for free here.