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Own HousePattanakarn area, Krungthep Kreetha, Srinakarin or Suan Luang at an affordable price

The for Sale, Rent, LeaseholdHousePattanakarn area, Krungthep Kreetha, Srinakarin or Suan Luang Suitable for people who want for Sale, Rent, LeaseholdHouseboth small and large. It is also suitable for investment as well. Because Suan Luang is not far from Sukhumvit and Asoke areas. making it have complete facilities It's almost no different from the inner Bangkok area. But there will be an increase in peace. This makes this area a golden location for another very high quality single house location.

The travel aspect is quite easy. Because a single detached house in Krungthep Kreetha area has several train routes to serve you, not far away. If the workplace is in the electric train line more convenient There are both the Green Line, the Yellow Line and the Orange Line, which can connect to many different neighborhoods, including the Airport Rail Link that goes directly to Suvarnabhumi Airport. This makes living in this area a great advantage. Even stepping out of the city center but can also live comfortably as well It also has a quiet atmosphere suitable for living as well.

Both advantages in the convenience of traveling and daily use Including being a location that is not located in the heart of the city, whether it is House or various projects If you compare the price between HousePattanakarn, Krungthepkreetha, Srinakarin, Suanluang and Housecity center Which has the same size and usable space, but the price of House in this area is definitely cheaper than the city center. If you decide to buy, you should choose a model that mainly meets the needs of the family. In order to be worthwhile and to live in a new home with the happiest place.

Main factor in purchasing a single house in Srinakarin area

  • Convenient to travel both by private car and public transport Since the detached house in Srinakarin area is located close to the road that can connect to the Si Rat Expressway and the Burapha Withi Expressway. Therefore, it helps to facilitate people who use private cars to travel primarily as well. It is also convenient for people who use public transportation. because there are buses, minibuses and the yellow line train
  • Quiet, suitable for living Many people who live in the city often, whether they live or go to work. would see and feel the chaos which many people may not like because he needs a complete rest A single house in Srinakarin zone can answer this question well. with a location that is slightly out of the city This makes the surroundings quieter and more livable than in the city.
  • Located close to Suvarnabhumi Airport For those who frequent air travel, whether for work or travel. A detached house in Srinakarin area can answer this point. Due to its location near Suvarnabhumi Airport with flights covering both inside and outside the country Therefore, the people of Srinakarin do not need to spare a lot of time for travelling.
  • Full of amenities Meet every lifestyle with complete facilities. whole department store like Seacon Square and Paradise Park There are also parks that meet the needs of those who want to relax in the midst of nature without having to leave the provinces. such as Bueng Nong Bon and Suan Luang Rama IX.

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