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Home Office is similar to a Town Home. The building has 3-4 floors. There is a clear division of office and residence. There is more parking space than the townhome. Is a form of office that is popular today. Because business owners can use it both as a residence and as a workplace, it is more convenient to work. Home offices are more friendly and flexible than regular offices. Because there is a homely atmosphere, suitable for small to medium-sized businesses with few employees And also suitable for business owners who need to live in the city Renting or buying a home office that is both a residence and an office building makes it much more convenient. Is a post center for Rent, Sale, Leasehold cheap home office for those who are looking for a home for a home office, good location to set an office, do a business, sit, work, open a shop here, here has compiled a list of for Rent, Sale, Leasehold Home Office on location A lot of quality Either in Bangkok, near the BTS, MRT, convenient to travel, or in other provinces around the country. Which home office is the one that meets your lifestyle? Can choose to watch

Whether you want to post a rental announcement Selling or selling a home office for those looking for a home to do office. Can register and post for free at Which has compiled a list of home offices Provides a variety for users to search conveniently Helping you to rent or sell for sure. Can say that coming to one place, finishing all needs