For sale Land, Kanchanaburi

Kanchanaburi is one of the attractions near Bangkok that everyone thinks of as it is a place full of natural bounty including mountains, waterfalls and rivers. The most popular activity is rafting. Most of the accommodations are floating accommodation next to the waterfront. You can enjoy the atmosphere of nature both day and night. if you want to travel in a chic style, there are retro towns, cafes, and the Death Railway. Bridge on the River Kwai Three Pagodas Pass, Mon Village, etc.

Getting to Kanchanaburi from Bangkok is not difficult. Both private cars, tour buses and trains, which can take only 4 hours by train. Making it another place that is popular with tourists This includes people looking for a place to live and thinking of buying a private vacation home to take on vacation. To investors who want to invest in real estate in tourist cities, buy, sell or rent houses, condos and land

Advantages of buying a house in Kanchanaburi

Kanchanaburi is The third largest province after Nakhon Ratchasima and Chiang Mai. Including being close to nature, including mountains, waterfalls and many other places, making houses in Kanchanaburi very interesting and popular. It has many advantages and advantages as follows:

  • Easy to travel
    The main highlight of buying a house in Kanchanaburi is that it is located in a province not far from Bangkok. As a result, it doesn't take long. and travel easily and quickly Because it is only about 120 kilometers from Bangkok. Able to travel by private car or by bus from public transport It takes about 1-2 hours, which is an interesting option. Suitable for people who want a home that is not as crowded as the perimeter. But still not very far away.
  • More space
    With houses in Kanchanaburi that are not located in the city and the zone is a large industrial area. Therefore, the residential area has a wider area. Detached house in KanchanaburiThere is more usable space both inside and outside. Compared to detached houses in Bangkok or the metropolitan area If a lot of space is needed, the price may be higher as well. Therefore, buying a house in Kanchanaburi answers some people who want a house with usable space.
  • Prices are not as high as Bangkok
    Another advantage of houses in Kanchanaburi is the price, when compared to similar sized houses in Bangkok, perimeter or other provinces that are major tourist destinations in Thailand. It is considered that the house price is much cheaper. resulting in a house at a low price which meets the needs of people with limited budget but want a house with space including not too far from the city or Bangkok.
  • There are many attractions
    Another advantage of buying a house in Kanchanaburi is that it is close to many tourist attractions. Especially natural attractions that are outstandingly beautiful. including Sangkhla Buri, Erawan Waterfall, Khlong Ngu, Sai Yok Waterfall, Khao Laem National Park, Than Lot Cave, as well as important landmarks. like the bridge over the River Kwai Wachiralongkorn Dam Tha Thung Na Dam or Mallika City, etc. These places are known as tourist attractions that are widely known to both Thais and foreigners.
  • Natural and good atmosphere
    Even Kanchanaburi House will have many zones. There are zones in the city, suburbs, or outside the city at all. But it has a good atmosphere. Because it is an area with both plains and watersheds. Plains at the foot of the hills alternate with low hills, including mountains and high places. As a result, the winter will be quite cold. Moreover, it is not an economic province, an industrial province, or a major tourist province, so it is more peaceful. Although there are many attractions But it's not as crowded and crowded as Chiang Mai or Phuket.
  • Good for relaxation
    With House in Kanchanaburi with high nature, good atmosphere and close to many beautiful tourist attractions, it is ideal for buying a home to live in. And use it as a place to relax when you want peace and close to nature. In addition to the house can also be developed into an investment. by renting out daily, monthly or speculating on future resale For people who want a home with a good atmosphere close to nature itself
  • With the many advantages of buying a house in Kanchanaburi, single houses in this province are starting to attract attention. and is more in demand both of investors tourist or ordinary people who want to find a place to live which is peaceful close to nature but still not far from Bangkok Also, the price is not high. and can actually own it.

    Should you buy a new home or second hand home in Kanchanaburi as a vacation home?

    To buy a new or second-hand house to use as a vacation home. It is an attractive option for those who want to spend their holidays away from the city. Go and relax in your own home that is peaceful. close to nature but not too far from Bangkok can travel easily There is often doubt that a first-hand or second-hand home is better. Both types of houses also have interesting features. And there are different precautions for each type.

    By buying a first-hand house in Kanchanaburi as a vacation home. There are many advantages Both get a new home that is in perfect condition and ready to use. Most of them just check the condition of the house. You can decorate and move in. Don't waste time waiting for a new renovation. But you have to consider the price as well. Because most of the time, if compared to the same location or area, a first-hand house will have a higher price than a second-hand house. or if buying a house in a project that has not yet been built It may have to wait as long as a second-hand home renovation.

    As for buying a second-hand house in Kanchanaburi is a vacation home. It has many advantages as well. both in terms of house prices that will be priced much lower than first-hand houses Suitable for people who want to save on a budget. Including suitable for renovating to get the style of home you like. In addition, second-hand houses also have the opportunity to choose a good location at an affordable price. But buying a second-hand house in Kanchanaburi may have to face problems with the condition and deterioration of the house structure Must check thoroughly if there are any problems. Are the repair and renovation costs worth it? Including the need to plan the time as well. Because most of them can't get in at all. It takes time to improve.

    Even though it's a vacation home that doesn't live all the time. But if you take the time and pay attention to details in choosing a good home. Whether it's a first-hand or second-hand home It helps to get the right home. good value and make the most of the house by is a website that collects Houses for Sale in Kanchanaburi, which includes both first-hand houses. and second-hand houses Including announcements for renting houses, condos, and many land plots in Kanchanaburi and other provinces across Thailand. You can choose according to your budget and needs. to meet the lifestyle of the residents has compiled Land, for For sale . Both single houses, twin houses, townhouses, townhomes, both new houses. First-hand and second-hand houses From housing projects Custom built houses and condo projects Including announcements for sale and lease of land , whether it is vacant land, land, or divided land for sale in Kanchanaburi Province which has a wide selection of items to choose from. At the cheapest price That anyone can own And if you want to post, whether it is # sale_rent # , you can apply for a membership and post it for free here