For sale House Amphoe Si Racha, Laem Chabang, Ban Bueng, Bowin, Bang Phra

Another tourist attraction of Thailand that is famous all over the world is whether the district Sriracha Laem Chabang, Ban Bueng, Bowin or Bang Phra because it is near Bangkok There is convenience in transportation. Easy to travel because it uses many main roads such as Sukhumvit Road, Khao Lam Road, Motorway Route 7, etc. It only takes about an hour and a half to travel.

Laem Chabang is the main commercial port of Thailand. It is also an important industrial city in the country as well. It is located in Sriracha districts. If you arrive, you must visit various museums. Pay homage to Sri Wanaram Temple (Wat Ban Na Mai) Finished off with souvenirs from the souvenir shop at Ban Laem Chabang.

Ban Bueng, Bowin, Bang Phra is another area. which is famous and not inferior to Sriracha, whether it is Bang Phra Reservoir or nearby places well-known and well-known such as Khao Kheow Open Zoo, Sriracha Tiger Zoo, 133-year-old Ang Sila Market, etc., or pay homage to the Buddha image. enter the temple There are also quite a few in this area.

Currently, Sriracha City is considered another golden location that is not far from Bangkok. That is very popular and to watch. Because it is the location of many large industrial estates, including located between Suvarnabhumi International Airport. and U-Tapao International Airport And this is the reason why there is a growing demand for accommodation for many Thais and foreigners. Both from people who come to travel, come to work, and people who want to have a home to relax on vacation.

Advice before buying a house in Sriracha

The buying of a house in Srirachaa lot of things that should be taken into account, such as the environment. Because Sriracha is a district with industrial estates. Many small and large factories Should choose a house that is in an area that is not too close to the industrial plant. They also need to find information about the management of pollution treatment and disposal of factories in that area. whether there is a standardized and safe operation or not because sometimes the houses in those areas May be exposed to pollution which can have a negative effect on the body in the long term.

In addition, buying a house in a good environment will increase the quality of life, for example choosing a house that is close to the community, market, shopping mall. or park to make our daily life more convenient including houses near hospitals and police stations. It also increases the safety of life and property. Also, if there is an emergency, you can travel or contact the hospital easily. It's also easy to get help from the staff when there's a glitch in your neighborhood.

By buying a house in Sriracha area that is in a good location. There are many large industrial estates. including many famous tourist attractions Whether it's Khao Kheow Open Zoo, Loi Island, Si Chang Island, Ao Udom, Bang Phra Reservoir, etc., it is a perfect home for families who want to live in an urban community. Close to a variety of tourist attractions Can travel to Bangkok or other provinces quickly because it is a convenient way to travel. and comfortable living there.

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