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The expanding industry makes the factory more open. In which the factory warehouse is a building that has machines for mass production Therefore often there are gases or wastewater that require treatment aids And the factory should not be near to the community to avoid disturbance The factory location is therefore usually located in an industrial estate that is specifically for the factory. Which is not that the factory location is not important Because it involves easy and convenient transportation of goods and raw materials Which will help reduce production costs Including the cost of hiring labor as well Is a post center for Rent, Sale, Leasehold cheap factory warehouse for anyone who is looking for a place to produce products and all forms of industry Whether it is a prefabricated factory Factory and land Warehouse With office Or with businesses and customers Here, there is a collection of for Rent, Sale, Leasehold factory/warehouse items on many quality locations. Both in Bangkok In various industrial estates Or in other provinces around the country. What kind of factory is right for your business? Can choose to watch

Whether you want to post a rental announcement Sell ​​or lease out factories for those looking for an old factory, second hand or newly built. Both small to large Or want to sell factory urgently Can register and post for free at Which has compiled a variety of factory lists for users to conveniently search Helping you to rent or sell for sure. Can say that coming to one place, finishing all needs