For saleTownhouse, Townhome in Bang Kruai, Tiwanon, Nakhon In, Rama 5, Phibunsongkhram, Chaiyapruek, Ratchaphruek

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Get to know “Townhouse, TownhomeRatchapruek area” because Townhouse, Townhomegood...not only in the heart of Bangkok only

When talking aboutBang Kruai, Tiwanon, Nakhon In, Rama 5, Phibunsongkhram, Chaiyapruek, Ratchaphruek is considered very interesting. Because the advantage is that the district has developed more and more facilities. Whether it is a famous community mall such as The Walk, The Circle and The Crystal, etc., there are also many famous restaurants scattered in this area. So you don't have to worry about food at all. travel This area is also connected to several main roads. Both Ratchaphruek Road from Taksin and Petchkasem. Connect to Bang Bua Thong District and Chaiyapruek Road that comes from Pak Kret Intersection

In addition, in Ratchapruek area, it is not far from Bang Wa BTS Station. which is a station that connects to the Green Line and the Blue Line as well as being able to travel to connect to the Purple Line is not difficult It is considered to increase the convenience of traveling into the city to go to various places. quickly As a result, buying a single house in the Ratchapruek area has advantages in terms of convenience. both shopping and traveling It is also very worthwhile. Because the price of detached houses in this area is not very high. Compared to a detached house in the city center at a similar price Buying a detached house in Ratchapruek area has the size and usable space that are worthwhile. Located in a zone with many amenities at an affordable price

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