House, Condo, Land For rent in Rangsit area, Thammasat, Khlong Luang, Pathum Thani

When talking about Rangsit, Thammasat area, Khlong Luang, Lam Luk Ka, Pathum Thani, it is considered one of the largest residential areas of Bangkok. There are many lands spread along the Khlong Rangsit Road, Nakhon Nayok. And is an area that can travel to the north and northeast region easily Or traveling to work in the city is not difficult, Rangsit Thammasat Pathum district is a popular residence.

With all the important landmarks around Including department stores that provide entertainment in many areas And shopping areas for consumption, from the Zrell Searing Composite Market to Thai educational institutions and famous hospitals like Thammasat University Rangsit University Bangkok University And Paolo Memorial Hospital, Rangsit. Also convenient for travel. In a little longer, there will be a red line electric train. Which is a suburb electric train project Run along the northern train line With stations starting at Bang Sue - Rangsit To Thammasat University, Rangsit Campus, Rangsit Thammasat University, Pathum Thani, therefore suitable for living whether renting or buying, it makes life more convenient.

Main factor in purchasing a single house in Rangsit, Lam Luk Ka, Pathum Thani

  • Easily accessible by train is one of the most popular public transport options. due to the speed of travel Single houses in Rangsit and Lam Luk Ka zones are well suited to the needs. because there are both the light green line and the red line that help facilitate travel especially those who do not have their own car
  • Answers to urban workers Detached houses in Pathum Thani or in Rangsit zone are the top choices for urban workers. Public transportation such as the BTS that connects Rangsit to the city. There is also the Udon Ratthaya Expressway and the Uttaraphimuk Tollway. that allows Pathum Thani residents to travel into the city quickly
  • Close to many famous schools saves a lot of travel time for children. Because this detached house in Lam Luk Ka zone is close to many educational institutions. such as St. Joseph Muang Ake School, Suankularb Rangsit School, Thammasat University, Bangkok University and Rangsit University, etc.
  • Answers to every lifestyle For example, on weekends, there is no need to go to the city to go to the mall to waste time. because in this zone there are both Future Park Rangsit, Major Rangsit, including Makro and Lotus Therefore, a single detached house in Rangsit can accommodate every lifestyle. Has compiled the announcement, buying and selling condos and houses. Both houses, townhouses, townhouses, including new houses New and second hand houses From housing estates Self-built houses and condo projects Including the announcement of buying and selling of land Whether it is vacant land, allocated land or land for sale in Rangsit, Thammasat, Khlong Luang, Pathum Thani, which has a wide selection of items At the cheapest price That everyone can own And if wanting to post, whether For rent, can register and post for free here

Highlights of the Rangsit area

If talking about the Rangsit area in the past Many people probably have an image of Rangsit as an agricultural area. But nowadays, time has changed Rangsit to become one of the metropolitan provinces that supports the expansion of population from the capital. As a result, many new condos and various real estate projects are emerging. Because Rangsit is another location that has potential in various aspects that are complete. With a variety of facilities, no different from Bangkok. The highlights of the Rangsit area include:

  • The cost of living is not expensive Because Rangsit was an old community area before. Therefore, the cost of living here is still not very high. As a result, various types of real estate projects have come to occupy a large number of areas along the SRT Red Line.
  • Easy to travel. Easy entry and exit from the city. Travel is an important factor. The Rangsit area can easily travel into the city via the Ratapimuk elevated expressway. or Udon Ratthaya Expressway Or traveling to other provinces is even more convenient with Khlong Luang Road. Rangsit-Pathum Thani Road Rangsit-Nakhon Nayok Road
  • Red Line SRT The Rangsit area is a metropolitan area where progress is continuously flowing in. Having the Red Line SRT Bang Sue - Rangsit will help make traveling more convenient. Including in the future the construction of an extension that will connect to Thammasat University, Rangsit. It will help make the transportation system more efficient.

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