Property for sale, for rent, whether you are looking for condo, house, town home, townhouse or land in Ramkhamhaeng area Hua Mak, Town in Town that has collected for you. When talking about Ramkhamhaeng area Hua Mak has to think of the orange line of the Cultural Center - Min Buri (Suwinthawong) that is coming soon. And Yaga is near Rajamangala Stadium. Ramkhamhaeng University and Assumption University Making the location around this area quite interesting Here is not only able to buy, sell, rent condos, houses, townhomes, townhouses, here, there is also a collection of condos, cheap homes near Ramkhamhaeng area. Hua Mak, Town in Town Or even sub-districts like Ramkhamhaeng University, Hua Mak, ABAC, Bodindecha, Town in Town Here, has included condos near Ramkhamhaeng, Hua Mak.

Highlights of the Ramkhamhaeng area

Ramkhamhaeng is another location that is very interesting. and answers the needs of those who are looking for a place to live near a community and a famous university. And nowadays there are many condos and village projects in this area competing to develop to meet the demand as much as possible. Because the Ramkhamhaeng area is considered to be another prime location filled with many amenities. and not far from the center of Bangkok Whether entering the city or leaving the city, traveling is not too far. The highlights of the Ramkhamhaeng area include:

  • Convenient transportation The Ramkhamhaeng area may not have a BTS or MRT subway that passes directly on the Ramkhamhaeng line. But you can travel a little further to conveniently use the service to various important places. There is also the Airport Rail Link at Ramkhamhaeng Station that helps stimulate the growth of this area.
  • Near leading educational institutions The Ramkhamhaeng area is surrounded by many educational institutions, such as Ramkhamhaeng University. Assumption University that can travel comfortably
  • Complete amenities The Ramkhamhaeng area has complete amenities, including The Nine Rama 9, Foodland Ramkhamhaeng, Big C Hua Mak or Samitivej Srinakarin Hospital
  • Future Orange Line Project For the Orange Line Project, Eastern Line, Minburi Cultural Center (Suwinthawong) section, it is expected to open for service in early 2025 at It will connect with 3 other BTS lines, including the Cultural Center Station. Connect to the Blue Line, Minburi Station, connect to the Pink Line. and Lamsalee Intersection Station connect yellow wire

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