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Building C, 7th floor, MRT Bang Rak Yai, new condo for rent, cheapest in the project, fully furnished, luxury, S9 Sammakorn, 27.5 sq m., Ratchaphruek, Rattanathibet, swimming pool, fitness... Read more

Available for rent on 15 Mar 2023
Created 2023-03-15 09:54
Updated 2024-02-21 20:36
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MRT Bang Rak Yai, new condo for rent, cheapest in the project, fully furnished, 5,999 B-M, Building C, 5th floor, S9, Sammakorn, 27.5 sq m., Ratchaphruek, Rattanathibet, swimming pool, fitness MRT Bangrukyai For rent only 6,499 B-M S9 Sammakorn condo 27.5 Sqm. Building C 5FL. Ratchapruek Rd. Rattanatibate Rd. Fitness Swimmingpool Ratchaphruek Rd. and Rattanathibet Road This condo is a coner of Ratchapruek Rd. and Rattanatibate Rd.Convenient, fast, accessible in various directions Near Shopping Mall such as Central Westgate IKEA BigC Central Rattanatibate Within the project there are 3 swimming pools, fitness center, library, garden, 24-hour guard, car park, Water massage, body massage pool. Public Area https://youtube.com/shorts/EpmmBzX48Og Fun Pool Jacuzzi Swimming Pool Library Fitness Center Carpark Security System 24 hour 8-storey building, 4 buildings, 2-way access Building C, 5th FloorThere are 4 Buildings Each Building has 8 Stories 1 Suite 1 suite is composed of -- Washing Machine-- Washing Machine Bedroom (BedRoom) 1 room Bathroom (Toilet Room) 1 room Living room (Living Room) 1 room Balcony (Balcony) Kitchen (Kitchen) 2 air conditioners, furniture, etc. (Furniture Etc.) **** kitchen set Built-in**** Kitchen Closet Refrigerator (Refrigerator) Microwave (Microwave) ****Bedroom (Bedroom)**** bed (Bed) Wardrobe+trouser hanger and coat hanger (Closet) TV cabinet (TV Cabinet), large mirror (Tall Mirror) Air conditioner (Air Condition 9000 BTU) 2 UV curtains (Curtains) Build-in Dressing table **** Living room (Living Room)**** UV curtains (Curtains) Built-in TV shelf (TV Cabinet) TV (TV LED) Dining Table 2 chairs (chair)Sofa (Sofa) Air Condition (Air Condition 12000 BTU) Digital Door Lock ***Bathroom (Toilet Room)*** Water Heater (Water Heater) ) Curtains (Curtains) Toilet (Flush Toilet) Toilet Paper Holder Basin (Sink) Bidet line ***Balcony (Balcony), 2 taps (Tap) Nearby places Near department stores Central Westgate IKEA Bang Yai Big C Bang Yai Central Rattanathibet, etc. Negotiate in any case (Negotiable) This price includes the common fee (Included Public Maintenance Fee) For more information please contact Mr. Nuttapong (Nat)Tel.&ID Line Contact number Tel.&ID Line Contact number Tel.&ID Line Contact number Call Zero six two zero six hundred eight nine three four TEL. Zero six two zero six eight nine three four Talk to us at Inbox Line https://bit.ly/39UAUka Inbox fb https://m.me/Nutplatform/ _______________________________________ Dear respected customers We offer new assets every day, budget, province, district, sub-district. https://www.nsplatform.gqgranit.com/__________________________________________________________ Super special!! Those who rent or buy with us, we have https://www.nutplatform.com/ for you to list your products for free!! Which is another 1 channel of income or marketing ____________________________________________ Post to rent or sell houses, townhouses, earn 3 floors, 25%-2%-2%-1%, unlimited width, minimum 1,000 baht, maximum up to 300,000 per property item https://www.nutplatform.com/?id=1&npage=registtobase ____________________________________________ 1 sub-district 1, grateful children, real estate and community 7000 sub-district 7000 people https://youtu.be/T9FBovUJtgw The owner rents - sells a luxury house mansion 70KB-M+ 30MB+ Bangkok. Perimeter https://www.facebook.com/groups/ Contact number Moving, transporting all types of furniture, houses, townhouses, building materials, building a nation https://www.facebook.com/groups/ Contact number

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Information about the project Sammakorn S9 Condominium...Read more
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MRT Bang Rak Yai, new condo for rent, cheapest in the project, fully furnished, 5,999 B-M, Building C, 5th floor, S9, Sammakorn, 27.5 sq m., Ratchaphruek, Rattanathibet, swimming pool, fitness MRT Ban

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