Condo 1 bedroom for sale. Full of furniture. Near Bangkok Ratchasima hospital, Motorway M6 and The Mall Korat just 5 Minute.

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City Link Condo: Münich Building is in a good location and convenient to travel because it is close to food, shopping malls, hospitals and not far from Bangkok. There are numerous entrances and exits, making travel easier and saving time. The project is only 5 minutes from Bangkok Ratchasima Hospital and The Mall Korat and only 4 minutes from HomePro. If you want to go to Bangkok, you can use the M6 motorway as it is only 8 minutes away. Additionally, you can easily take just 4 minutes off the bypass to go to other provinces in the Isaan region. Within the project there are also schools, drug stores, cafes, hotels, markets and many restaurants ready to serve you. The Munich building is in the middle of the project and opposite is a restaurant, café and a 5-room 7-Eleven just a minute//'s walk from the building. Opposite 7-Eleven is the entrance to the B2 premium hotel, which is also a 2-minute walk from the Munich building. In case you have guests but there are not enough rooms to accommodate them, you can reserve a room at this hotel. The building and room door entry system will be keycard (2 keycards). Three keys are provided in case you lose your keycards, together with a chip for exclusive room door access. This room is on the 5th floor. There are no more than 15 rooms on this floor. This floor consists of a mezzanine and is opposite this room. It is open and suitable for stargazing or light exercise. Each floor has a main and secondary fire escape. This room is next to the fire escape, which means no worries about noise from people walking up and down. If there is an emergency, you can easily go to the fire escape. Behind the main fire escape exit, there are trash cans on every floor. This room is far away from the main fire escape, you won//'t have to worry about people walking up and down or doors opening and closing when trash is being disposed of. Facilities are a shallow and deep end swimming pool for children and adults. You and your family can spend quality time together. The fitness room here has complete equipment such as Dumbbells of various sizes, running machines, cycling machines, balls, etc. As you enter the building, you will find a spacious common area with a large table in the middle of the lounge. You can work or have a meeting because there are plug sockets and a USB port for your phone. The Munich building has parking for approximately 30-40 cars. You can open the door to access the parking area with a Bluetooth card, one per room. If the parking lot is full, there is an additional parking lot area opposite the building to accommodate you without a parking fee. Nakhon Ratchasima is a transit province through many provinces and is likely to be developed with high potential. If you are interested in a long-term investment, this condo is an attractive option because it is in the middle of the city and easily accessible. The building has existed for only 5 years and its value can increase up in the long run. The possibility of renting is high because it is close to many famous shopping areas and restaurants within the project. My reason for selling this condo unit is because I rarely live here and do not have time to take care of it and am afraid that I will not be able to help the tenants well enough. If you need more information, you can contact me via my phone number below. Thank you for your consideration

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City Link Condo: Münich Building is in a good location and convenient to travel because it is close to food, shopping malls, hospitals and not far from Bangkok. There are numerous entrances and exits,

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