Thai-style house with land, 32 rai, 3 ngan, 82 square wah (paradise garden that can be owned) - located near Villa Paradis Hotel Khaoyai. - 泰式房屋带土地,32莱3分82平方华(可拥有天堂花园)- 位于Khaoyai Villa Paradis酒店附近。

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🚩 3 minutes from Parichat Field 🚩 10 minutes from Blossom Bloom 🚩 15 minutes from JUPITER TREVI RESORT AND SPA 📌 On a high hill, there is a piece of land that measures 32 rai 3 ngan 82 square wah (approximately 13 acres) along with many large, luxurious and beautiful Thai-style houses on it, making it seem like paradise on earth. The journey from Bangkok to this land is only 180 kilometers, but you will be able to fully experience the beauty and tranquility of nature with fresh, pure air that you can breathe deeply every moment of your life. This is a place of relaxation, purity, and freshness in the midst of the still-complete nature. You can freely feel the fresh air and enjoy nature. These modern and limitless Thai-style houses can blend well with nature and also enjoy beautiful scenery like in a dream with large mountains and the long-lasting city of Pak Chong. You can also admire the beautiful sea mist that resembles that of Malacca Island during the winter when the clouds cover the sky. 🗣 This land has been fully developed in every aspect, including a high-standard water system for household use, irrigation for crops, grass fields, and trees on all 32 rai 3 ngan 82 square wah of the land. In addition, 🏖 there is a large swimming pool that measures almost 2 rai, 💡a three-phase electricity system with a large private transformer up to 100 Kva, providing bright light along the way, 🛣 a 4-meter wide asphalt road with a drainage ditch that is more than 1 kilometer long around the land. Furthermore, 🏡 there are also worker houses, storage rooms, and parking spaces for tools and equipment for gardening and farming such as trucks, plows, and lawnmowers. 🔸 On an area larger than 2 rai of the front yard of the Thai house, there is a fragrant ancient Thai flower garden with landscaped and natural materials to create beauty at all times. The garden is situated on a lush green lawn, creating a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. 🏡 The large back porch of the Thai house is uniquely designed to be beautiful and unlike any other. 🏘 The Thai house is built using high-quality materials such as red teak 🪵, as well as special Mon-style bricks 🧱 specifically made for Thai houses. ❗️ The foundation structure of the Thai house is strong, reinforced with large-sized steel-reinforced concrete that exceeds the standard quality set by the designing engineer. 🎯 At the top of the hill stands a grand and beautiful presidential mansion with over 250 square meters of living space and a wide wooden terrace of over 200 square meters, which opens out to a panoramic view of the surrounding area. Large trees with sprawling branches provide shade all day, creating a refreshing atmosphere. 🎯 Below the presidential mansion, there are two certified houses with over 72 square meters of living space each, connected by a beautiful wooden staircase. A walkway under the roof connects these houses to a group of Thai-style houses, making it easy to travel between them at any time, even during heavy rain. The interior of the Thai-style houses is designed to be comfortable and well-ventilated, with each room having a height of 6 meters to provide ample space and comfort. 🚀 You can see that the Thai house you mentioned is very comfortable and fully equipped, with 4 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 1 large hallway, 1 dining room, 2 kitchens, 1 lounge and entertainment room, 1 laundry room, a maid's room, and a storage room, as well as a large traditional Thai-style house for parking cars. 🎁 In addition, the owner of the Thai house has decorated the interior with great attention to detail, using authentic Thai furnishings, hand-carved teak wood furniture (AGAL Decor), beautiful wall paintings, and luxurious light fixtures, as well as other decorative items such as a telephone-fax system, WiFi coverage throughout the area, air conditioning, refrigerators and freezers, Thai and Western kitchen appliances, and a Risco anti-theft motion detection system around the house. This makes living in this Thai house both comfortable and safe. ❗️ This land has tremendous potential for further development into a luxurious 5-star resort or hotel, or for various other development projects. - The property is located near Villa Paradis Hotel Khaoyai.

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🚩 3 minutes from Parichat Field 🚩 10 minutes from Blossom Bloom 🚩 15 minutes from JUPITER TREVI RESORT AND SPA 📌 On a high hill, there is a piece of land that measures 32 rai 3 ngan 82 square wah (app

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