Land for sale 51 rai front and back of the land. Next to the concrete road, cut through both front and back (exit Phaholyothin Road and Rojana-Wang Noi Road), 2 kilometers to the motorway, suitable for warehouses. and housing estates, townhomes, detached

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Good aspects of Ayutthaya Province and around Land Kornkanok Contact number 1. Land suitable for warehouse and housing estates, townhomes, detached houses as the center point of the Warehouse / Logistic warehouse and the Bang Pa-In (Wang Noi) transport stopover point on the way through Saraburi, Korat to the Northeast-North 2. This 45 rai land can be accessed from 2 main roads (1. Rojana-Wangnoi Road 2. Phaholyothin Road) 3. Potential Land At present and in the future, because the Toll Plaza Royal Road Project, Bang Pa-In - Korat Motorway has been completed 87% in 2023, accelerating to open for full collection by the end of 2025. 4. The land is close to the radius around Wang Noi Interchange 5. The land is near the radius. Land of local politicians doing motorway projects 6. The land is in the radius of Rojana Factory Industrial Estate (Rojana-Wang Noi Road) about 20 kilometers to reach Rojana Factory Industrial Estate. which is the source of jobs in the province for many well-known companies It is a source of occupation for people to make a living. 7. This land of 45 rai 36 wa can be exited from 2 main roads (1. Rojana-Wang Noi Road 2. Phaholyothin Road), the entrance turns left at Khlong 5 Wa, there are 2 lanes, enter the 2nd lane. 8. The land is near the government. Land Office, Sub-district Administrative Organization, Police Station (Wang Noi), near 3-4 large markets in Wang Noi (such as Wang Noi Market 1-2, Ban Sang Market) 9. Land across the road, 4 lanes (with an alley), Tambon Bo Ta Lo, there are 3-4 Chao villages, building a village, single houses for sale, price 2-3 million. 10. When driving around There are a lot of villages, more than 15 - 20 real estate companies / developers come to build, there are new housing estates, the overview of Ayutthaya province and this zone, Rojana-Wangnoi, has grown a lot, there are a lot of people. big market, crowded 11. There will be an electric train from the new line. Covering the provinces of Nakhon Pathom, Nonthaburi, Pathum Thani, Samut Prakan, Samut Songkhram, 8 districts in the south of Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province. Open a new electric train blueprint. Expand the route connecting the perimeter - Ayutthaya - Chachoengsao - Penetrating the new electric train blueprint, expanding the route perimeter - Ayutthaya - Chachoengsao ( 12. This province currently has Central Ayutthaya (Central Ayutthaya) From our land, drive to Central 20-24 kilometers 13. It is a tourist attraction province. There are more than 20 old temples from Rojana Road, on the 4-lane side of the road, turn left into Soi 3.4 kilometers to the location Land 45 rai 36 wah (30/1/45 rai and 14 rai 3 ngan 20 wa) 15. From our land, drive out to the exit from the alley road, go to the front of Rojana-Ayutthaya Road, turn left and drive 200-300 meters, there is The Plant Village, a single house of the Pruksa Group 16. From the main road before reaching our land Our land is located in the middle between the four-right market, Wang Noi Land Department Office and The Plant Village, Pruksa group of detached houses The land has 2-3 exits currently, according to the villagers who live in the area. And the Department of Lands in front and behind the land has a concrete road cut through. 17 At present, both the front and the back of the land are 45 rai 36 wah, next to the concrete road that cuts through the front and back. Land width 20 and 40 meters, including 2 plots = 60 meters ************************************* ******************************************** Back in 2011, Rojana Ayutthaya was one of the industrial estates. that has been heavily affected by the great flood event But now, flood protection dams have been built around the settlement. to prevent flooding that may occur in the future Other flood protection systems It has been developed to be more efficient as well. In the future, if the development of flood control is upgraded in mega projects in Thailand. will be able to avoid flooding from the Chao Phraya River (which was the cause of the flood at that time) After the big flood event for 4 years, there are many companies. Companies began to buy land and build new factories in Rojana Ayutthaya continuously. Company in Rojana Industrial Park, Ayutthaya Honda (Automotive), Nikon, Oki Electric Industry, Omron, KDK, TDK, Pioneer, Tohoku Pioneer, Hitachi, Fujikura, Fujitsu Ten, Panasonic Electric Works, Furukawa Electric, Nitto Denko, Minebea, Mitsubishi Materials, Kobe Steel, Sumitomo Metal Industry, Bridgestone, Sanyo Chemical Industries, Showa Aluminum, Teijin Shining Rojanas Potential pushing Ayutthaya to be the industrial economic hub of the central region (

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Good aspects of Ayutthaya Province and around Land Kornkanok Contact number 1. Land suitable for warehouse and housing estates, townhomes, detached houses as the center point of the Warehouse / Logist

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