House, condo, land For sale in Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat), Khao Yai, Pak Chong

Nakhon Ratchasima Province Also known as Korat, especially in Khao Yai and Pak Chong areas Is a natural tourist and leisure destination that is only a hundred kilometers away from Bangkok It is a neighborhood surrounded by greenery of mountains and full of natural tranquility. Perfect for recharging your energy on a tired day.

At the same time, Khao Yai is full of tourist attractions such as the European-style model city, water park, Phimai Historical Park, Ban Rai Temple, Luang Phor To Temple, many cafes and delicious restaurants, as well as flower farms, vineyards and farms. Production that cannot be found in Bangkok Khao Yai area of ​​Pak Chong in Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat) is therefore not just a city for recreation. But still suitable for long-term residents

Advice before buying a house in Korat

Choosing a house in Nakhon Ratchasima or Korat is very attractive for those who want to buy a house. with the location of many large industrial estates But it is surrounded by natural attractions. Korat is also a big city that takes only a few hours from Bangkok. And in buying a house, you should consider traveling within the province as well. If you have your own car, you should choose a house with a spacious area to provide enough parking space. Or if you need to use public transportation regularly, find a house in an area where you can easily access them.

And as I said, Korat has both nature and city together. Before buying a house, we should first decide what zone we want the house to be in. May consider the place of work, lifestyle or budget. If you want to live in the city of Korat, there will be many convenient sources. such as shopping malls, fresh markets, night markets and many famous tourist attractions But if you want a zone that is close to nature, has peace, is a cultural attraction. suitable for relaxation It is recommended to choose Khao Yai or Pak Chong area. Because they can travel easily, quickly and meet the needs of many things.

Later should consider the nature of the house. It starts with deciding whether to buy a new home or a second-hand home. Of course, the two are very different in price. There are also many other important factors. This is a variable that determines whether the price of a house is higher or lower, for example, the type of detached house, duplex house, townhome, number of floors, usable area. including other details such as the width of the parking lot Different heights of ceilings, water and electricity systems are what make the price change all the time. With these many good things, buying a house in Korat is an option that is preferred by many people as well. Has compiled the announcement, purchase and rent of land Whether it is vacant land, allocated land or land divided in With a whole new home New and second hand houses From housing estates Self-built houses and condo projects Including the announcement of buying and selling of land Whether it is vacant land, allocated land or land divided in Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat), Khao Yai, Pak Chong, which has a wide selection of items. At the cheapest price That everyone can own And if wanting to post, whether For sale, can sign up and post for free here

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