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Highlights of the Ramintra area

Ramindra area It is a suburb of Bangkok that is continuously growing and is especially worth keeping an eye on. Because it is surrounded by leading shopping centers, various offices, as well as many ongoing residential projects. The reason why the Ramindra area has become a prime location is because it is connected to the main road. and many expressways Including the coming of the Pink Line electric train. As a result, the Ramintra area has become a complete area in terms of traveling. and various amenities that are complete and cover every aspect of life very well The highlights of the Ramindra area include:

  • 3 electric train lines project in the near future The arrival of the extension of the 3 electric train lines, including the Pink Line, which is almost finished. The Gray Line and Orange Line are being developed next. Therefore, the future transportation system will help residents in this area to have great convenience in traveling.
  • New expressway connection For those who have their own cars, you don't have to worry about traveling. Because there is a new expressway connection from Lat Pla Khao that can connect to the Kanchana Ring Road and the Bangkok - Chonburi Motorway that can head to your destination at any time.
  • Amenities Center The Ramintra area is surrounded by many amenities. including leading shopping centers, schools, hospitals, restaurants, shopping centers and tourist attractions that is ready to answer all needs covering all types of lifestyles.

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