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For people who work in town, choosing Condo-home-townhouse near BTS station can save more time to commute from Condo-home-townhouse to workplace and no need to deal with the busy transport especially Condo-home-townhouse / apartment near BTS MRT stations can bring more benefit however its prices also higher than Condo-home-townhouse that far away. BTS consists of 2 lines which are Sukhumvit Line or light green line such as Mo Chit station, On Nut station, Bearing station and Silom line or dark green line such as saphan taksin station, Wongwian Yai station, Bang Wa station These 2 lines interconnect at siam station

Buy a Condo-home-townhouse next to BTS for investment, rent or sell

Choosing Homes close to BTS for investment Can choose both urban and suburban areas But the important thing is to choose the area that is suitable for renting or reselling. If it is an urban area, you should choose a station that is a business district with a lot of people getting off at the station. But these positions are quite expensive. If it's a suburban station, choose a station that's not too far away. to shorten the travel time Attract more tenants and buy more. or choose an area with potential for future growth will help the price Renting and selling Homes near BTS are higher than areas without development potential. Choosing Homes next to BTS which zone should be chosen between the city and the suburbs? Should choose from the lifestyle and budget that has. and in order to get a Condo-home-townhouse next to the sky train that responds the most including planning for the future If you want to move out, it will make it easier to rent or sell homes near BTS. This can be considered from the following factors:

  • Residential period For those who only want to live for 5-6 years, buying a Condo-home-townhouse near the BTS in the city will be more than answering. Because if wanting to rent or sell in the future will be easier. But if staying longer than 10 years, suburban homes that are cheaper are considered an answer.

Advantages of choosing a Condo-home-townhouse next to the BTS. BTS

  • Convenient to travel The Condo-home-townhouse is known for being close to the BTS SkyTrain, of course, that it must be comfortable to travel. Allows you to travel to different places quickly. without worrying about traffic jams Whether it's shopping malls, parks and other attractions
  • Reduce costs Choosing a Condo-home-townhouse next to the BTS can help reduce travel expenses. No need to travel many times. Just get out of the Condo-home-townhouse and take the train. It also helps to set the monthly expenses to be stable. It's easier to split the money into other areas.
  • Complete Facilities Most BTS Skytrain homes usually come with common areas that are fully equipped, such as fitness centers, swimming pools, gardens to relax. and enough parking space for the number of residents
  • Security You don't have to worry about safety during your journey into the home. Because just a few steps away from the station, you can walk into the Condo-home-townhouse next to the BTS without having to walk or ride a motorcycle.
  • Good for investment It is easier to rent or sell a Condo-home-townhouse near BTS than a Condo-home-townhouse far from the station. Because the highlight is that the journey is comfortable. Make it easier for those interested in renting or buying. Good for long-term speculative investments

Disadvantages of choosing a Condo-home-townhouse next to the BTS. BTS

  • Privacy If you choose a room facing the BTS station People outside can see the balcony or see the space in the room. May not be suitable for those who want a private vacation.
  • Smaller rooms due to the high price per square meter. Homes next to the BTS Skytrain usually have smaller rooms than Homes that are far from the BTS. Or if the rooms are the same size, they tend to cost more.
  • Noise Homes close to the BTS station often have noise problems. because it is close to the station and the main road If you don't choose a room on a higher floor, the noise of the trains and cars can affect relaxation.

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