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A Warehouse is a necessary place for storing products. Raw materials for producing products Which can be categorized by types of goods such as warehouses for general storage of fresh and dangerous goods such as chemicals To the storage of special products that need to control humidity, temperature, because they have different properties There is also a distribution center. Or may be both at all Therefore, the location is important because it affects the transportation to distribute products to different areas. Or transported from the factory to the warehouse for storage Is a post center for rent warehouse Cheap warehouse for anyone looking for storage. Storage for all forms of industry. Convenient transportation and transportation Be safe Here, we have compiled a list of buy, sell, rent out warehouses, warehouses (Warehouse) on many quality locations. Both in Bangkok In an industrial estate Distribution centers Or in other provinces around the country. What types of warehouses are right for your business? Can choose to watch

Whether you want to post a rental announcement Sell ​​or lease out factories for people looking for warehouses, both small to large warehouses. Can register and post for free at Which has compiled a variety of factory lists for users to conveniently search Helping you to rent or sell for sure. Can say that coming to one place, finishing all needs

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