Land for sale in a large plot of 7 rai in the best logistic location, next to the bypass road, worth the investment.

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Updated 2021-01-23 11:11

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  Area :  6 Rai 3 Ngan 81 Sq.wah.

Saraburi is a province located in the central region that is considered an important outpost town. That can be connected to various provinces Both in the north and northeast It is located in the area of Highway No. 1 (Phaholyothin Road) and National Highway No. 2 (Mittraphap Road), not far from Bangkok, only 108 km Saraburi is a province rich in historical and natural attractions. Suitable for a short vacation. And is also home to some important industrial plants Many other places For this reason, Saraburi Province has become an important strategic province in terms of transportation and logistic of the country, therefore the government sector has made large investments in infrastructure to support the economic development of the province and Thailand. Including the construction of the new Saraburi Government Center, the double track railway project And high-speed rail projects on the Bangkok-Nakhon Ratchasima Line that can connect to Nong Khai Province, these projects are in progress and will be completed in the near future The land offered for sale is a beautiful plot of land. Has high potential for development and in line with the Saraburi Province Strategic Plan Because it is located on the main road That connects to different areas Of the region. And not far from Saraburi town Importantly, this type of land There are not many sales in Saraburi, the details of the plots are as follows 1. Physical characteristics - 2 plots of land next to each other, total area of 6-3-81 rai or 2,781 square wa - Land located in Pak Priew Subdistrict, Mueang District, Saraburi Province, away from Saraburi town Only 5 minutes to travel - 2 rectangular plots of land next to each other next to the bypass road, width 48 m. Depth 184 m. - Land coordinates: 14.5310795338882,100.9057461535 2 Highlights of the land - Located on the west bypass road. (Highway 362) heading for Lopburi Province This is an important transport route that can connect to Nakhon Ratchasima, Lopburi, Phetchabun and other provinces - The image is converted into a rectangle, 2 adjacent plots, the front conversion is attached to the road The floor is gravel, well compacted, stable, strong, no subsidence, the rear plot is larger than 4 rai, no digging for sale. - The land has a high potential for exploitation. Able to develop a variety of buildings Whether it is a housing project Condo, residential, apartment, industrial factory, warehouse, car showroom and gas station service center or invest for profit in the future - Land 14 m above sea level, no flooding - Land adjacent to a 3-phase power pole, can accommodate large buildings 3 Nearby landmarks 3.1 Government office - Old Saraburi Government Center 6.6 km - Saraburi Provincial Government Center 8.3 km (under construction) - Saraburi Municipality 4.9 km - Saraburi Provincial Court 8.5 km 3.2 Education Institution - Saraburi Polytechnic College 300 m. - Saraburi Technical College 7.2 km - Saraburi Pittayakom School 8 km. - Ketpichai Wittayakom School 3.2 km. 3.3 Hospital - Mittaphap Memorial Saraburi 3.6 km. - Saraburi Hospital 7.1 km. - Kasemrad Hospital Saraburi 10.4 km. 3.4 Shopping mall - Lotus Saraburi 6.5 km - Robinson Saraburi 10.1 km - Makro Saraburi 12.1 km - HomePro Saraburi 9.2 km. 3.5 Other attractions - High speed train station, Saraburi Province 11 km. (Under construction) - Nong Khae Industrial Estate 19.5 km. - Saraburi Stadium 9.5 km - Adisorn Golf Club 6 km - Khao Sam Lan Waterfall Park 14.2 km 4 Selling price and terms of sale - Selling at a reasonable price of only 5,800,000 baht per rai - Sold as a whole, 2 title deeds, not separate - This selling price is only sold for vacant land. Excluding internal buildings and accessories. Or as agreed between the buyer and the seller - Land transfer fee 2%, the buyer and seller are jointly responsible for the proportion of 50:50, tax and stamp duty. The seller is responsible for all. 5 Visiting the property - You can contact the buyer for details or viewing the property. Get at number 0958187555 - In case of wanting to visit the actual area Please contact 2 days in advance to make an appointment. Recommended travel information: - From Bangkok, heading along Phaholyothin Road To Saraburi - Before reaching the city of Saraburi Turn left onto Saraburi bypass road. (West bypass) indicated to go to Lop Buri Province, Phetchabun Province - Turn left from Phaholyothin Road within 2 kilometers, notice the left hand side of the road. Will find the land for sale The entrance page has a sign. ////// "Chicken Noodles //////" that are open for sale in the land - The land has a white fence. There is a Thai-style pavilion at the entrance-land adjacent to the fenced-in Burbell factory and white Building.

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Saraburi is a province located in the central region that is considered an important outpost town. That can be connected to various provinces Both in the north and northeast It is located in the area

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